Devoted Grandpa Travelled 13 Hrs To Surprise Her With Help Of His Granddaughters.

Story via T&T Creative Media

Going out of your way to express your love and care for your sibling is truly a priceless feeling. Lucky are those who have such a special bond with their siblings just like in this story.

Mary Pine 95, and Bob Taylor 84, brother and sister spoke each day on the phone however due to the pandemic Mary moved into an assisted living facility in Amber, Pennsylvania and haven’t met for years.

The last they met was when Mary surprised Bob at his home in Atlanta, Georgia. This time Bob decided to surprise Mary on her birthday, July 4th.

So being a grandfather he took help from his granddaughters, Morgan Taylor 27, and Kenzie Hardin 24, who prepared the trip. 13 hours of traveling while only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks.

On July 4, when Mary entered the room she was astonished with the surprise and could not hold on to her tears. She had happy tears and hugged her loving brother.

This priceless moment was captured by the family members. Morgan expressed that she was glad that the siblings got a chance to meet again and the love and happiness she experienced as a granddaughter could not be expressed in words. She is grateful that the family worked as a team to make this surprise a success.

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