Diaper-Wearing Teen Upset After Stepparent Tells Him He’ll Never Find A Boyfriend If He Keeps Wearing Them.

Being a stepparent can be undeniably challenging. You never need to exceed however you must have the option to be a piece of the nurturing system. Indeed, you’re an extra voice, but you’re a crucial one. There should be no problems as long as all parents are on the same page. But this isn’t always the case. Read the story.

Source: Reddit

My stepson Morgan(15M) still wears diapers. It’s not for any medical reason or because he has bedwetting issues or anything he just likes to wear them. I’ve asked my husband and his ex about it and they just tell me he likes them and they’re not going to pressure him to stop. So for the most part I left it alone.

Last year he got his first boyfriend and it ended pretty quickly after the boy found out about his diaper thing. I remember Morgan being so upset about it and just being in relief that the kid didn’t spread it around Morgan’s school. He’s recently met this new boy Kevin who he likes a lot that’s been hanging around the house lately. I’ve overheard Morgan talking to his dad about he’s nervous about officially asking out Kevin because of what happened with the last boy. So as I was driving him to his mom’s house Friday I decided to have a talk with him and I told him that he’s probably not going to find a guy especially at his age that wants to be with someone still wearing diapers and that he should probably quit wearing them. He just kind of hung his head and said ok.

This morning my husband got an angry call from his ex saying I shamed her kid and that she didn’t want me talking to him anymore. My husband got upset that I had said anything at all and he agreed with his ex. Did I go too far here? What are your opinions? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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