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Did Queen Consort Camilla Kids Utilized Their Relationship With The Crown To Further Themselves.

The new Queen Consort has 2 kids from her previous marriage, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes. After years of living apart, her divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles was finalized in March 1995.

Tom Parker Bowles, 47, is the only person in the world who has King Charles III as both a stepfather and a godfather. He is a cuisine writer and critic who has written seven cookbooks. He has also served as a judge on various television cooking shows. He and his ex-wife Sara Buys have 2 kids.

Laura Lopes, Camilla’s 44-year-old daughter, is an art curator. She is married to former Calvin Klein model Harry Lopes, who is now a chartered accountant. The couple is the parents of 3 kids: a daughter and twin boys.

Although Tom Parker Bowles has been in the public eye owing to his cuisine writing abilities, both of Camilla’s kids, notably Laura, have sought to stay low quiet, regardless their connections.

Camilla’s kids haven’t actually created any trade-off from their relationship with the Crown, says British Monarchists Society founder Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills. Irrespective of who their mother dated and finally married, they have always been their own individuals.

They have not utilized their royal connections to further themselves, which is why they have been able to live extremely private lives.  They have been free to appreciate their individualism as they have not capitalized on any form of regal position.

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