‘DISGUSTING’: Cop charged with felony battery for grabbing female officer by the throat

After grabbing another cop by the throat and yelling at her last year, a Florida police officer is now facing felony violence charges.

Sgt. Christopher Pullease was shown in November 2021 on video from many body cameras as soon as he reached the scene of an ongoing arrest. Pullease is facing charges, which were revealed last week.

Pullease got out of his patrol car and started yelling profanities and threatening the suspect, who was already in handcuffs and in an open patrol car door.

Pullease growls at the suspect as he leans into the car, “If you ever disrespect my f—-ing police, I’ll take your f—-ing soul from your f—-ing body.”

Pullease is then pulled away by a female police officer who clutches his belt. The sergeant twists, grabs the other officer by the throat, and throws her back before letting go and grabbing the shoulder strap of her vest.

One can hear the female cop saying to stop.

Pullease continues to cling to her vest and shouts that don’t ever f—ing touch him again. Get the hell away from him.

Then, while many other cops watch in silence, Pullease releases her and returns to the subject.

Police officer charged after allegedly grabbing fellow officer by throat

Police officer charged with assault on a fellow officer after he allegedly grabbed her by the throat, Broward State Attorney announces.

Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Days after the event, the sergeant—a 21-year member of the Sunrise Police Department—was first assigned desk duty; nevertheless, he is now facing criminal charges.

This behavior is repulsive to him. The footage, in his opinion, speaks for itself, according to Anthony Rosa, the police chief in Sunrise.

Pullease may spend up to five years in jail for the felony charge of violence on a law enforcement officer, one year for assaulting a law enforcement officer, and sixty days for assaulting a civilian.

Additionally, he is accused of altering evidence after an incident involving his smartphone in January.

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