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‘DISGUSTING’: Sydney Sweeney rips internet trolls who sent explicit photos of her to family members

Sydney Sweeney is standing up to internet haters.

The 25-year-old actress lambasted internet users who downloaded photos of her “Euphoria” naked moments and named her family members on social media.

That is unnecessary for her cousins. It’s utterly repulsive and unjust declared the Emmy nominee in an interview.

Sweeney opened out about her prominent part as high schooler Cassie Howard in “Euphoria,” saying that internet trolls who sent her family members pornographic images of her on the show are an example of the sexualization women endure in society.

Despite receiving two first-time Emmy nominations for her appearances in “White Lotus” and “Euphoria,” Sweeney opened up about her experience and stated that these horrible deeds will not prevent her from doing nude sequences in the future.

It’s ludicrous in her opinion. She plays a character actor and an artist. It makes her want to portray characters who irritate people even more, Sweeney made a statement.

She went on to talk about her early issues and how she is always striving to show to others that she is more than just her physique.

Sweeney said she had boobs before other females and felt shunned for it.

She felt ashamed, and hated changing in the locker room. Due to her physique, she believes she assumed this strange identity that others had of her.

She participated in every sport and worked really hard in school. She did what all individuals wouldn’t expect her to do to demonstrate that her physicality does not define who she is.

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