Divorced Mom With Her Kids At The Airport, Then Son Sees Dad Coming Towards Them.

Divorce can be a really nasty thing between two people, and it can have a devastating effect on their children. But in the strangest of cases, it can turn out to be just what a child needs.

Divorced mom Laura Dee was preparing to head off on vacation to Cypress with her children. 11-year-old Darcie and 9-year-old Callum were all set to go. When they arrived at the airport, the children were shocked when they quickly spotted their father. What was he doing there?

Turns out, their dad, Dean, was going on the trip with all of them, and Darcie and Callum could NOT have been more thrilled, so much so that it brought them both to happy tears.

Laura and Dean, even though divorced, wanted to make sure that their children were not going to be sided with one or the other of them, as in most divorces. So they decided to do many nice things together with their children.

And for that, you’ve gotta give EACH of those divorced parents a big high-five. 

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