Do you agree with Dylan Dreyer that her baby Calvin resembles Prince George?

Calvin, Dylan Dreyer’s 5-year-old son, and Prince George have a striking likeness, according to Dylan.

Dylan said, she just thinks he looks so much like Calvin, during the third hour of TODAY on Friday. The TODAY meteorologist displayed a picture of a beaming Calvin from her phone to illustrate her point.

Dylan responded, “Oh, you look like my little prince every time I see the prince.

Vicky Nguyen, a senior consumer investigative journalist for NBC added that they they look exactly same

It’s that cheesy, broad smile, Dylan said.

And the color, and the hair! Vicky interjected.

The hair and the grin are what really win her over. Dylan added on Twitter later.

The two guys appreciate music equally. Dylan shared a video of Calvin dancing to Little Big Town’s music last year. George, meanwhile, had a dance party to start his day. The 2010 hit song “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” by Shakira is a favorite of both the future king and Princess Charlotte, 7, who is his sister.

Prince William described the family’s morning dance party in an episode of “Time to Walk” by Apple Fitness in 2021 as including “a lot of hip moves going along.”

Dylan’s claim about her kid resembling the prince was sparked by a conversation about George’s ninth birthday, which was on July 22.

William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, unveiled a brand-new image of the birthday boy to mark the occasion. The image shows a happy George standing on a beach wearing a blue polo shirt. While on holiday in the UK earlier this month, his mother took the adorable picture.

George, Charlotte, and Prince Louis, age 4, are George and Kate’s kids. Calvin, Oliver, 2, and nine-month-old Rusty are the children of Dylan and her husband, cameraman Brian Fichera.

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