Doctor Had To Carry His Patient To Give Her The Injection.

Source: Facebook

“My mom was in the hospital the last three days and had to miss her crucial, every four weeks eye injections to treat wet macular degeneration. If she goes longer than four weeks, her eyes can bleed and she can permanently lose her vision.

This happened with her left eye a couple of years ago. To preserve her right eye, Dr. Yosef Gindzin of Grand Rapids Opthamology opened his office (on a Saturday) just so he could give my mom her injections. Because the parking lot isn’t plowed on weekends, we couldn’t get her wheelchair through the snow. Dr. Gindzin carried her.

What an amazing and compassionate man. Because of him, my mom will be able to see the magic of Christmas. Thank you, Dr. Gindzin, for the best gift EVER!”

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