Doctor Solves Her Live Long Problem With The Right Medicine.

Source: Reddit

Sometime in middle school I started to notice my hands shaking (and others noticed too). Weirdly, I also noticed that one finger on each hand would violently shake. It got progressively worse and started to frustrate me when having to complete fine motor tasks. People comment constantly about it, usually thinking I haven’t eaten, etc.

I recently went to a new GP as my previous dr retired. He was great and was really trying to get to know me, so I spoke up. I showed him my hands and he was amazed that no one had helped me before. It’s just an essential tremor and guys…it’s treatable with meds! He gave me a prescription that I can take whenever I need my hands to calm down. That’s it! He says it will most likely continue to progress, but at this point I am just in awe. I am a quilter and after 21 years, I can thread a needle without help! I can cut vegetables without the worry of cutting myself! It’s the little things…so cool.

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