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Doctors declare baby girl dead: 1 hour later, mom learns baffling truth.

Drowning is the leading cause of mortality among young kids. And only a few inches of water are required.

Every parent understands that diverting your gaze away from their child for a few seconds might be the difference between life and death.

Furthermore, most drownings occur in familiar settings, such as the family pool.

But when a mother called Julia went to the restroom while her daughter Jayah was watching TV, she had no idea that her daughter would soon become a depressing statistic.

Julia had been battling the sickness and wanted to use the restroom.

Likewise, her daughter, Jayah, was watching television in the living room.

Julia returned a few minutes later, but her daughter was nowhere to be seen. Julia’s heart sprang into her throat as she noticed the rear door was open.

Julia recognized right away that Jayah had gone into the backyard, where there is an inground pool.

Julia said that she raced right outside and saw the most terrifying scene.

Julia’s daughter was face down in the water. The scared mother screamed and yanked her precious daughter from the sea. Jayah had most likely spent around 5 minutes in the pool.

It’s the worst stress, worry, terror, and everything at the same time.

Julia hurried Jayah inside and dialed 911 while performing CPR on her daughter.

The dispatchers on the other end heard Julia shouting urgently, “Jayah wake up! Come back!”

However, Jayah’s body was motionless and cold.

Julia sat in an adjacent room when the first ambulance came, while the medical personnel fought feverishly to resuscitate her kid. Jayah was subsequently taken to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, where physicians delivered the heartbreaking news, they’re sorry, there’s nothing further they can do.

Jayah was pronounced dead one and a half hours after her mother discovered her in the home pool.

The medical team then delivered some startling news.

A doctor entered the waiting area and informed the family that everything had changed unexpectedly. Jayah was alive and well!

When some nurses entered the room to take Jayah’s body to the medical examiner for an autopsy, the youngster coughed. The crew then recognized she had returned back to life. The nurses recognized they were mistaken and had made an error.

She had a pounding pulse, and her heart suddenly started pumping. She had been resting on the table when she began thumping again.

Jayah was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital by helicopter ambulance, where she hovered between life and death.

Given how long Jayah had been without a pulse, medical specialists urged Julia and Justin not to be overly optimistic.

They didn’t believe she’d ever be able to heal. Children just do not survive from drowning.

Even if things were getting better by the hour, there was always cause for anxiety.

Julia explained that it was dreadful to sit there and see her like that, not knowing if her brain was going to operate or not. Is she ever going to get better? Will she ever say anything else? Will she ever do something like she used to? It was difficult since they didn’t know.

An MRI revealed no signs of serious brain damage, much to Julia and Justin’s delight.

When Julia applied lip gloss on Jayah’s lips, she reacted by licking them.

It took a long time for Jayah to return to her normal self. She had to relearn how to walk, speak, and laugh.

Jayah was eventually ready to go home after several weeks in the hospital. Doctors and nurses with 20 years of expertise, according to Julia, have never witnessed anything like that.

Jayah’s parents are well aware of her miraculous condition. When they were reconnected with the first responder who came on the scene that day, even that mature guy was in tears.

Julia adds that she is really thankful and appreciative to God for giving them this gift and to be able to sit here and tell all she have a miracle, and it’s Jayah. It’s incredible.”

Julia still feels guilty, yet she believes that her tale will make others consider.

Her most crucial piece of advice is to never leave a youngster alone near or in water. Younger kids should not be left alone in the bathtub, even for a brief period of time, to respond to a call or do anything else that requires them to be out of sight.

Allow another kid to supervise a toddler in the tub, yet still ensure that the youngster is accompanied by an adult.

Julia felt her tale had to be told, and we’re grateful she did.

Fortunately, her kid is alive and healthy, with a fulfilling life ahead of her.

Nobody should ever drown in the backyard pool. Share if you wish to make sure this never occurs again.

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