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Doctor’s Office Kicks Out Uniformed Police Chief Who Had Appt, Made To Regret It.

Police Chief Philip Dupuis was on his way to see his ear, nose, and throat specialist for a normal visit. He had come directly from work, so he was dressed in full officer’s gear. As Chief of Police in Conroe, Texas, he didn’t have much downtime, which is why he didn’t alter before his appointment.

Chief Dupuis had no qualms about wearing his uniform to the ENT office. During designated breaks or shortly after their shift, many law enforcement officers dine out, perform errands, or visit the doctor or dentist. When officers are in uniform, they are expected to carry their guns on them at all times in case of an emergency, which was the case when the police chief arrived for his appointment.

The doctor’s office secretary instructed the police chief to keep his duty weapon in his car or leave the office in front of everyone in a waiting room after he checked in by giving his insurance card and ID. Dupuis claimed she urged him to take his pistol out to his car. The 35-year law enforcement veteran, who has never had an unintentional discharge, objected to disarming himself, stating he is a cop.

Dupuis claims he was instructed to leave at that point. It’s absolutely horrible, the prosecutor stated. His badge is prominently visible. He is wearing a lanyard with the word ‘police’ on his ID card around his neck. He also had his handcuffs. There were a lot of people in the lobby, and they asked him to leave due to who he is.

As a certified cop in Texas, Dupuis is allowed to open carry anywhere in the state. He didn’t hesitate since he can and does carry anything, Dupuis explained. He can defend himself, his family, and the general public. He continued to justify his reasoning. He is not going to sit in an office without his gun when he has everything else, the experienced cop said. With workplace violence and everything else going on in this society, he wants to be armed and be prepared to respond if he needs to.

Chief Dupuis took his fight to social media when local media started to report on the event. He’ll be looking for a new ENT; He was just asked to leave Dr. Burke’s office because he was carrying his pistol, badge, and ID, Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis said on Facebook. In his 35 years of law enforcement, he has never felt so ashamed. Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists in Texas.

Officers should not be asked to disarm or change out of their uniforms while seeing physicians or other professionals, Dupuis stated. Obviously, any private business has the freedom to service whomever they choose, just as they have the right not to visit any business that has such a policy or regards first responders in this manner.

The chief’s message quickly went viral in the community, and the general reaction was one of fury toward the ENT doctor and his team. He believes Texas, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists has heard the impassioned voice of Montgomery County based on one’s loud and clear backing of the local police and denunciation of this sort of political correctness run amok, Chief Dupuis said on Facebook. He hopes they react responsibly and issue a public and unequivocal declaration that cops will not be handled in this manner in the future.

It only took that long for the ENT doctor to issue a statement. They have personally apologized to Chief Dupuis for any difficulty or humiliation he may have encountered, the statement said. Their organization appreciates law enforcement and first responders for their selfless service and will treat them and their communities with the highest respect. Texas Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists will continue to treat armed police officers. They will make every attempt to prevent this from happening in any of their facilities again.

Chief Dupuis expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support for his Facebook post. The unexpected outpouring of support he has gotten in the days since the event has been astounding, Dupuis wrote. While what transpired was terrible, one’s comments of encouragement and appreciation for law enforcement reaffirm his opinion that Conroe and Montgomery County are communities that continue to support and respect its first responders.

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