Doctors stunned by baby born with two heads, three hands – and one torso.

Due to a unique medical issue, a mother gave birth to a kid with two heads, three hands, and two hearts. 

During an ultrasound, doctors informed Shaheen Khan of Ratlam, India, that she was expecting twins. However, to the surprise of medics, it was revealed that she was carrying two children who were united by one torso. 

The newborns are said to have an uncommon condition known as dicephalic parapagus. The condition, which happens in the womb, is usually fatal and frequently results in a stillbirth. 

Doctors, however, said they do not intend to operate on the youngster after the “first days.” As her mother continues to undergo treatment in Ratlam, the miraculous baby was taken to a hospital in the adjacent city of Indore. 

As speculations about the formal description of the anomaly continue to float online, it is unclear whether the new birth is being handled as conjoined twins or as a single child. 

Dr. Lahoti, who is treating Khan’s kid, stated that these sorts of occurrences are exceptional, and the status of infants remains unpredictable, particularly in the early stages. As a result, they have kept them under watch. They have no plans to operate on the patient. 

Last year, medical miracles split a set of conjoined twins following a rigorous 16-hour surgery. The procedure, in which any mistakes may have proved deadly, required a team of 25 medical personnel, including 10 surgeons. 

“They still consider themselves as one person – it’s impossible for us to comprehend being so bonded to anyone,” said Noor ul Owase Jeelani, who led the operation at Great Ormond Street.

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