Dog All Ready To Be Euthanized Gets Adopted After His Pics Went Viral On Facebook.

In Memphis, Tennessee, Oliver the dog was a stray, and wound up at the Memphis Animal Services. And Oliver liked to eat. As a matter of fact, he loved food so much that he would often just sit in his cage with his food bowl in his mouth… JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… that more food would be nice.

When workers at the animal center posted about Oliver on Facebook, his story went viral. People from all over the world just fell in love with him and that bowl in his mouth.

But, back in April, there was a big problem. Oliver’s time was running out, and he was scheduled to be euthanized. So more Facebook posts were made, and, literally at the last second, two woman came through to adopt the dog. And a very happy Oliver got to take his best friend… that food bowl… with him. 

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