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Dog escapes from home and enters Metallica concert at SoFi Stadium.

You may have seen a post on social media about a dog that was purportedly left at a Metallica performance at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood over the weekend.

There is more to the tale, as is often the case.

The German Shepherd was not abandoned, as it turned out; she just enjoys rocking.

Metallica updated the tale on Instagram, writing that despite rumors to the contrary, their buddy Storm got out of her house next to SoFi Stadium and made her way to the event all by herself. This came after a few days of internet uproar over a dog owner allegedly abandoning their dog at SoFi. The next day, Storm was safely reunited with her real family after spending the previous evening watching the performance with her Metallica Family.

The “four-legged fan” enjoyed listening to her favorite tunes, which included “Master of Puppies,” “Barx AEterna,” and “The Mailman That Never Comes,” among other ironic allusions to some of the band’s most well-known tracks.

In case you were curious, the answer is no. The M72 World Tour is absolutely not a place for your four-legged companions, the band said. But this dog undoubtedly had her day.

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