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Dog found tied up outside an Iowa airport after being abandoned by owner.

One puppy seemed to be left at the Des Moines airport amid the confusion of aircraft delays and cancellations.

On December 29, a one-year-old female puppy was discovered tied up outside the Iowa airport after her owner was unable to board their aircraft with her. According to Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Iowa CEO Tom Colvin, the rescue organization received a report from airport officials that the dog, Allie, was left behind after her owner tried to go through the flying procedure without the required kennel.

According to Colvin, the passenger tried to board their aircraft with the dog but was denied. The individual subsequently returned without the dog and boarded the aircraft.

While Allie had no clear identification when she was discovered, authorities know the person’s name and are investigating the situation.

Colvin thinks that Allie was kept tied up outside for not very long and was lucky that the weather was a lot better than it was a few days previous with the below zero wind chills.

Meanwhile, Allie was transported to the ARL and will stay with the rescue. She is not currently available for adoption due to the ongoing inquiry. Despite the event, Allie, according to Colvin, has been in excellent spirits.

She’s really nice and adored all of the airport workers who came out and got her a blanket, stayed with her, petted her, and gave her all the care until their animal services officers came out and scooped her up, he adds. She’s quite kind.

If she is not retrieved after the investigation, which doesn’t seem likely, Colvin adds, she will be placed for adoption.

According to Iowa Code 717B.8, a person who abandons an animal is guilty of a misdemeanor. The degree of the punishment is determined by the animal’s injuries or injury. An individual found guilty might face a fine ranging from $105 to $8,540, as well as 30 days to 2 years in jail, according to Iowa law.

Colvin claims that this is likely the first time he has dealt with someone dumping a dog at an airport. However, desertion occurs often and for a variety of reasons.

The message here is that many individuals travel with their dogs. And that’s fantastic; all it implies is that they need to prepare, he says. They have to plan ahead of time, find out what the criteria are, and ensure they have the proper documentation for their pet, such as a rabies certificate.

So they may surely travel with their pet, he says. If one plan ahead of time.

Vicki Stevens, the Humane Society of the United States’ current director of program management and communications for the companion animals department, previously said that the biggest travel problems occur when pet parents do not have comprehensive information in advance when it comes to air travel.

Stevens offered many ideas for pet-friendly air travel, including selecting a nonstop journey and checking your carrier’s pet-friendly web pages, such as those from United, Delta, American Airlines, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines. She also mentioned that owners must fulfill immunization and other medical standards, as well as ventilated pet carrier regulations.

Colvin said Allie is in for a wonderful home in the future. There’s no doubt about that.

At the Animal Rescue League, they have a high number of adoptions, and with this attention, she is really, really going to have a nice home. She’ll have a list of individuals who wish to adopt her, he predicts.

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