Dog Passes Away On The Same Day After His Friend Lost The Battle To Cancer.

It’s not generally believed that you can die of a broken heart. But in some cases, it’s true.

Stuart Hutchison was only 18 when he was told that he had brain cancer. The teen was fully prepared to head off to college when he found out that horrible news. And that changed everything.

He immediately was set up for chemotherapy and brain surgery. After that, it looked like it was clear. Then, it returned, and it was aggressive.

Giving him comfort along the way were his three dogs. But one of them, Nero, the French bulldog, seemed to have a keen sense of what was going on with Stuart, and he seemed truly affected by it. So he stayed right by Stuart’s side the whole time.

When the young man realized he only had a short time left, he asked his longtime girlfriend, Danielle, to marry him. So they did just that.

A few years later, Stuart’s health deteriorated rapidly. So he quit his job and stayed at home, knowing the end was now very close. He wanted to be near the woman he loved the most and his precious dogs, as well as the rest of his family. Later that month, Stuart died. His plans to live a good, full life went unfulfilled. He was gone now, and everyone close to him was extremely sad. But, quite possibly, none was sadder than his very close buddy, Nero, the dog.

Immediately after Stuart died, Nero started making very sad noises and wept. Minutes later, Nero became severely ill and could not walk. So a family member quickly put Nero in a car and headed to a local veterinarian. But by the time they arrived at the animal doctor’s office, Nero had died. This was only 15 minutes after his longtime friend Stuart passed away.

Experts on the matter might say that Nero’s passing was caused by stress-induced cardiomyopathy. But, on the more common level, that would likely be considered, sadly, dying of a broken heart.

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