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Dog rescued from rubble 28 days after earthquake — after giving birth to puppies.

A deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Turkey and Syria last month, killing at least 50,000 people. Search and rescue teams have been hard at work in the weeks following, looking for survivors.

In one heartwarming tale, over a month after the earthquake, a dog and her three newborn pups were rescued from the wreckage.

According to Reuters, Kadir Keyifli requested rescuers in Hatay, Turkey, to save his dog Sila, a 2-and-a-half-year-old Doberman.

Rescue crews were unable to enter the wreckage, but on Monday, Meyako, a local rescue squad, was able to enter and look for the dog.

The moment the rescuers smashed through a wall and discovered Sila in the basement, luckily still alive after 28 days, is captured on video.

They were even more surprised when they discovered Sila was not alone: the dog had given birth to three pups while buried under the wreckage!

The rescue squad was taken aback, and one of the rescuers wondered aloud what the dog had been eating and drinking all this time.

According to Reuters, Keyifli believes the dogs lived on a large bag of dog food left in the basement. The mother dog had lost weight but looked to be in good health, and all of the dogs were brought in for treatment.

Keyifli said that after one month, his pets will be evicted. Thank God.

It’s a wonderful tale, but Sila and her pups aren’t the only unexpected animal survivors of the disaster: Aleks, a Husky dog, was also rescued 22 days after the tremors.

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were devastating tragedies with inconceivable death tolls, yet tales like these might offer people a glimpse of hope in the aftermath of this devastation.

Truly a marvel. We’re overjoyed that Sila and her babies survived and were saved after all this time.

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