Dog the Bounty Hunter gets engaged to new girlfriend 10 months after losing his wife

Some may believe that Dog the Bounty Hunter has moved on far too quickly. Dog and his new bride, on the other hand, feel their love is the product of divine intervention.

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, is well-known in the United States. For over two decades, he has been one of the most famous reality TV personalities.

People have realised since the first episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s namesake TV show that, in addition to being a macho man with a tough profession, he also has a large heart.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been with his girlfriend/wife, Beth, for most of his reality TV profession.

Beth and Dog were quite close, even going into business together. Beth gave birth to two kids during their relationship, and Dog adopted Beth’s kid from a prior marriage.

Beth, on the other hand, had been battling throat and lung cancer in recent years. Throughout the struggle, Dog stayed by her side. But, regrettably, Beth died in June 2019.

Dog was obviously saddened about the death. He would, however, receive comfort and affection from a buddy who had been through a similar experience.

Dog left a voicemail for Bob Frane, an old buddy, shortly after Beth’s death. Francie, Bob’s wife, returned the phone and informed Dog that Bob had lately died.

When they found out about one other predicament, Dog and Francie agreed to meet to commiserate. They quickly grew close. They had feelings for each other. They initially rejected their attractions.

They ultimately recognised that both of their ex-spouses wanted them to be happy. So they started dating.

Some have claimed that Dog and Francie moved on too fast after their separate losses. However, the pair has noted that the majority of individuals have been encouraging.

The bounty Hunter, Dog explained that the fact is that they’ve both spent three years walking beside our ailing spouses, and they know that God brought them together, which is why they don’t think it’s too soon.

Both parties agree that divine influence brought them together.

Dog and Francie are both Christians who feel that their love is yet another evidence of God’s strange ways.

The pair declared in May 2020 that they had taken their relationship to the next level. They’d gotten engaged.

Dog and Francie have been quarantining together since the coronavirus outbreak shut down the United States. This just helped to reinforce the pair’s belief that they were made for each other.

It all started one night when the pair sat down to eat in Dog’s Colorado home. Dog had lit a candle in the room.

Franice Frane stated that she went to get some lunch, and when she returned, he had all the lights turned down, with only a few lights on and a number of candles lit.

Before they ate, Dog went down on one knee and said he didn’t want to live his life without Francie. Then he took out a ring box and proposed to her. Francie, naturally, said yes.

When the coronavirus limitations are lifted, the pair intends to host “the grandest wedding ever.”

So, certainly, Dog and Francie have advanced rapidly. However, they are experiencing unusual situations in extraordinary times. They will hopefully be able to spend many happy years together.

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