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Donnie Wahlberg Feels ‘Blessed’ With His Autistic Stepson He Raised As His Own — Boy Follows His Footsteps.

Jenny McCarthy started out as a model, but now she is an actor and one of the most well-known people on TV. She met her first husband, John Asher, on the set of the 1999 film “Diamonds.”

Things went swiftly for the two; they married the same year and had their first son, Evan, soon after going down the aisle.

McCarthy filed for divorce in 2005, saying that she and her husband could not get along. In her book, “Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism,” she also wrote about the events that led to her divorce.

The actress said she couldn’t believe what the doctor said about her son having autism, but she realized it was genuine. Even though it was heartbreaking, she was committed to doing everything it took to heal her baby.

McCarthy completed her research and discovered that autism was curable, which gave her the confidence she required to get Evan the assistance he wanted. She also said that she had no idea about her son’s health since he was still the same lovely child who liked to give her hugs and kisses.

To detoxify her son’s body, she placed him on a wheat-free, dairy-free, and artificially addictive-free diet. McCarthy said that optimism, trust, and rehabilitation were the motivating reasons that kept her going on this difficult road.

While coping with Evan’s disease, she was also struggling with her failing marriage, but when the time came for them to divorce, the former couple agreed that Asher would move out while McCarthy continued to pay for her son’s medical expenses on her own.

McCarthy said at the time that she didn’t care whether she ever married or found love again since she was concentrating on Evan’s rehabilitation.

The reality star recalled Asher packing his belongings and telling their kid that he would be living in another place. Evan, she stated, was unhappy and just gazed at his dad.

Donnie Wahlberg, a multi-talented musician and founding member of the legendary band New Kids on the Block, met McCarthy in 2012 and fell in love with her right away. But, when they met again on “The Jenny McCarthy Show” a year later, the singer asked her out.

While the pair struggled as single parents, Wahlberg is overjoyed for his kids to see him grow from his previous relationships and become the greatest father and spouse he can be. Now, the dad of three will pass on his knowledge to his children, which he considers a blessing.

McCarthy confirmed her engagement to Wahlberg on the show “The View.” The actress couldn’t contain her enthusiasm and wanted everyone to know how Wahlberg proposed.

Evan was included in the rapper’s proposition. McCarthy said that she and her husband were sitting together, appreciating how happy they were, when Evan approached her.

Then Evan gave her a piece of paper with the words “Will,” went away, then returned with another with the words “You,” and McCarthy realized what was going on.

Evan entered the room with the final sheet of paper on which he had written “marry.” His mom admitted that he had misspelled it, but she still thought it was cute.

Then Wahlberg walked in wearing a shirt that said “Me?” and proposed with a large yellow sapphire diamond ring. McCarthy was already in tears at this point, but what made her cry was that once she said yes, her kid exclaimed, “I’m going to have a new daddy!” McCarthy was also instantly captivated, and the two married in 2014. On their seventh wedding anniversary in 2021, the couple chose to reaffirm their vows.

Wahlberg, who has two boys from his marriage to Kimberly Fey, Xavier Alexandra and Elijah Hendrix, which ended in 2010, was enthused about McCarthy as a mom and stepmother. He was delighted to have met a life partner with whom he could develop family traditions and yet teach his kids what love looks like.

It was one of the couple’s most unforgettable and significant events as a blended family, followed by the wedding, in which Evan also played an important part.

On the big day, Wahlberg assisted Evan in getting ready, and the little boy was honored to lead his mom down the aisle.

McCarthy and Evan have become closer since Wahlberg entered their lives. The rapper has taught his stepson many things that the actress was unable to teach.

Evan is now a mature 20-year-old, and although he has his stepfather’s encouragement and care, his dad, Asher, has also become more involved in his life. Asher stated that he was not proud of how he handled his son’s illness and that he has vowed to be a better parent since then.

However, McCarthy highlighted one of the finest Christmas presents she got from her spouse, which was related to her child.

The actress, who confessed to feeling burdened by the obligations of parenting a special-needs kid, stated Wahlberg’s gesture relieved her of one of many burdens: he shocked her by providing to pay for Evan’s college tuition.

McCarthy expressed her gratitude for having such a caring and supportive husband who recognizes the difficulty of being a single mom.

McCarthy also said on one episode of the reality show “Donnie Loves Jenny” how comforting it was to have her husband do “boy things” with Evan.

She said that she told Evan she doesn’t like to swim or dig holes, so she was relieved when Wahlberg took him biking and participated in all of Evan’s favorite hobbies with him.

Wahlberg once shared a humorous photo of him and a happy Evan eating supper with a cutout of musician Nelly. He requested that his stepson be a special visitor at the dinner table.

On “The Rachel Ray Show,” Wahlberg discussed the dynamics of his mixed family. Now that his boys are older—Xavier is 29 and Elijah is 21—they’ve begun dating and seeking counsel from McCarthy. Meanwhile, Evan seeks him out whenever he is subjected to bullying at school, which wonderfully balances all.

Rachel Ray, the show’s host, couldn’t stop raving about how cute the couple was and pulled out a pillow with their wedding photo printed on it. McCarthy gave it to Wahlberg during their first Christmas together.

Wahlberg explained the significance of the delicious present. He recalled getting a large package for Christmas, which he assumed would contain something cooler, such as a television, but he couldn’t figure out what it was based on how light it felt.

When he opened the package, he saw pillows with photos of their kids, pets, relatives, and friends. He now has roughly 20 pillows in every room of their home as personal keepsakes of their lovely family.

During his conversation with Ray, he also discussed what has kept his marriage going for over a decade. He underlined that parents sometimes lose sight of themselves and concentrate on their jobs and kids, yet he recommended them to prioritize and maintain their marriages above their kids.

He playfully used the example of driving around the neighborhood to speak and kiss for the purpose of spending quality time together. As vital as employment and kids are, Wahlberg stressed the need to continue to date each other as a married couple.

On Evan’s 20th birthday, Wahlberg wrote a birthday message and wished him the greatest day ever. Fans couldn’t believe how mature the youngster had become after seeing him grow up on their reality program.

The dad of three enjoys showing his kids’ affection; he tweeted, he has two wonderful boys. Being gifted with a third child, Evan, is a blessing for which he is grateful. Wahlberg referred to Evan as his “beam of sunshine” on another of his birthdays.

McCarthy was tearful as her son graduated from high school, and Wahlberg couldn’t have been more proud and thrilled for him to go on a new chapter in his life. Obviously, Wahlberg could not fail to thank his wife, tweeting how much he adored McCarthy.

Wahlberg has had a tremendous musical journey in addition to being an excellent parent. He rose to prominence in the 1980s after auditioning for music producer Maurice Starr.

Starr was happy with Wahlberg’s skills, so he quickly made him one of the first members of the music group New Kids on the Block.

The road to the group’s popularity was bumpy; their debut record, “Be My Girl,” was not heard outside of Boston.

The second album, “Hangin’ Tough,” took some time to gain traction until one hit, “Please Don’t Go, Girl,” began to garner more radio. It went from playing in Boston to nationwide and peaked at number ten on the Billboard charts.

Wahlberg left the band in 1995 but returned when they renamed as NKOTB in 2008. The reunited group proceeded to have number-one singles and is still popular today.

Wahlberg, who also appeared in the film “The Sixth Sense” and the TV programme “Blue Bloods,” posted a video on Instagram of his performances and expressed gratitude for having NKOTB on stage. He confirmed that they will perform at NRG Stadium on January 12, 2023 for Rodeo Huston.

Evan, Wahlberg’s “best stepson ever,” is likewise following in his father’s footsteps. He just revealed the artwork for Evan’s debut song, “It Doesn’t Matter,” and declared its release date of February 3, 2023.

For many years, McCarthy has been at the forefront of numerous autism charities. Several celebrities with autistic children have recounted their difficult but rewarding experience of parenting their kids over the years, and Wahlberg was affected by the sensitivity of so many dads.

McCarthy relayed a tale at one of the occasions about how she always requested the dads to stand at every function. She said that at first, almost no dads came to the sessions, but that the number grew by a huge amount every year.

McCarthy claimed this to explain why she asked the question while her husband was in the crowd, and she was astonished to see him sit down. So, in front of a big crowd, the actress put Wahlberg in the position and asked him to justify his choice.

Wahlberg explained that he did not intend to shame his wife in any way, but after hearing how much effort other dads put into their children’s well-being, he did not feel qualified to stand among them.

He was, however, surprised by how welcoming everybody was of him as a present stepfather. He was urged to step up as a spokesman and father of an autistic kid in the future.

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