“Don’t Just Marry A Man Who Is Good To You.”

Story by Celeste Yvonne

Don’t just marry a man who is good to you. Marry a good man.

A man who tips the waiter extra just “because”. A man who holds the door open for strangers. The man who picks up trash in the parking lot, even when he doesn’t think anyone is looking. The person who kicks rocks to the side of a hiking trail so no one trips. The one who cares for your dog like his own — even though he’s never been much of a dog person.

Marry the man who cares about this world we live in, and not just when it only directly affects his life or his family’s.

There are men who are good to you, and there are good men.

Find a good man. Because a good one will always be good to you, even when things are bad or hard. Even when it doesn’t directly benefit him. Even when it’s more work. Even when it’s easier to walk away.

The good men are out there. And they are worth the wait. They are worth the toxic guys, the narcissists you have to weed through first.

They are worth any hardship you had to face to find him. Because they are also the best husbands. The best dads. The best brothers, workers, fighters, and lovers.

Find a good man, and marry him. You won’t regret it.

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