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‘Don’t Make Me Kill You — Because I Will’: Military Veteran Holds Armed Police Chase Suspect At Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive.

When an armed police chase suspect crossed his way on a Monday evening, William Joyner, a veteran of the United States Army, understood exactly what to do. Joyner was working as a manager at Feeding GA Families, a food bank in College Park, Georgia, when a volunteer ran into the break room and informed him that somebody had just crossed the parking lot with a rifle. Joyner leapt into action without delay.

Joyner took his rifle, loaded a cartridge, and went outside. He eventually caught up with the suspect, whom he held at gunpoint until authorities arrived, but not without incident. In fact, Joyner was obliged to warn the suspected perpetrator, saying, “Don’t make me kill you – because I will.”

The volunteer hurried inside the break room, alerting William Joyner to the possible threat outside, according to security video footage. It also caught a military veteran crossing the parking lot with his rifle drawn. After apprehending the accused, Joyner instructed him to get on the ground, but the man had other ideas.

Sadly, the guy, subsequently identified as 20-year-old Jordan Shelley by cops, refused to cooperate, failing to reveal Joyner one of his hands. Despite the fact that he went to his knees, Joyner instantly noticed that the accused was trying to distract him by slipping his right hand near his revolver.

That’s when William Joyner determined to let Jordan Shelley know he wasn’t fooling around and was prepared to take serious measures if necessary.

Fortunately for the culprit, a College Park police officer arrived on the scene just in time, before things got out of hand. The cop can be seen on the CCTV footage nearing the bend with his taser drawn. Shelley and another suspect, 21-year-old James Green, were discovered to have escaped from cops in a stolen automobile on Roosevelt Highway shortly before 5 p.m. that day.

Shelley and Green then crashed the car at Herschel Road, destroying an entire bus stop in the process, according to authorities. Although cops captured Green immediately, Shelley fled over railroad lines, finally making his way onto the Feeding GA Families parking lot, where he was captured as well, courtesy to William Joyner.

The accused’s weapon was seized, according to cops. Jordan Shelley and James Green were both convicted of obstruction, and Green was also charged with theft and criminal property damage.

William Joyner attributes his quick-thinking actions to his military experience. He claims he would do it all over again in a heartbeat if he could.

Criminals like Shelley and Green may learn a thing or two from William Joyner, who not only served his nation but also helped his community as a food bank worker while simultaneously hunting down bad men in his leisure time. The world could use more men like Joyner – an all-around wonderful person who is willing to do the right thing, illustrating that evil can be defeated when good people are prepared to stand up to it.

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