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‘Don’t tamper with your face,’ says Jamie Lee Curtis about ageing.

Jamie Lee Curtis has opted to finish one of the most important chapters of her profession in Haddonfield, Illinois, where it all started.

Curtis, 63, reprises her breakout role as Laurie Strode one more time in the newest iteration of the film franchise, going into battle against serial killer Michael Myers over 45 years after the original “Halloween” picture was published.

The film, which is said to be the final in the series, is appropriately titled “Halloween Ends.”

Curtis, who acted as executive producer for the film, stated that her favourite part of producing “Halloween Ends” was the relationships she built with individuals on and off set.

Her name is Laurie Strode, she introduced herself. ‘Halloween’ has given her millions of fans who adore Laurie Strode and, as a result, adore her. And she’s had the honour of working with hundreds of individuals who have contributed to these projects and whom she considers friends.

Curtis stated that she is an “enthusiastic participant of the process,” both with the team who creates the films and with the viewers who come to see them. It’s a magnificent loop of innovation.

Curtis has been a vocal critic of the stigmas linked with ageing and a culture that pushes women to look youthful at all costs outside of performing. She is openly “pro-aging.”

That is why her advice to her girls is simple: Don’t tamper with your face.

Curtis admitted to succumbing to peer pressure and undergoing several cosmetic operations that, rather than helping her feel better about herself, made her feel terrible.

She had cosmetic surgery, Curtis said. She injected Botox into her head. Does Botox make the large wrinkle disappear? Yes she admitted but she added that she felt she ended up looking like a plastic figure.

As a result, when it comes to aging, she says she wants to set a good example for her kids. Put oneself in her shoes for a mile. She completed it. It was ineffective. And all she sees today are individuals devoting their lives on it, Curtis said.

Luckily, she believes her kids to be “grounded individuals” who are carrying out their responsibilities in their own unique ways and ideas.

And, while she desires children to be happy, Curtis believes it is more essential that they go to bed each night satisfied with their contributions to the “human race.”

Happiness is a difficult term to define since life is full of sadness, she explained. She wants them to be happy. She wishes for them to believe that what they’re doing is important and valuable.

Curtis is also enthusiastic about spreading kindness.

Curtis believes that in an increasingly unpleasant society, finding kindness is more vital than ever, and that it is critical to offset all of the terrible news out there with positive.

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