Drama Ensues When Daughter Asked His Father’s Girlfriend To Help Buy Bras.

A 13-year-old girl shares her experience of dealing with growing breasts and her struggle to convince her mom to buy her a bra. She turns to her dad and his girlfriend for help, which causes an argument between her and her mom.

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My (F13) parents are divorced. I spend one week with mum and then one week with dad, as for holidays and summer break, it’s 50-50, too. One year ago my dad started dating his gf, Mary and two months ago she moved in with him.

Some time ago my breasts started growing. I was happy as I was the last one in my class, but it turned out to be a problem because if I don’t have a bra, my breasts and what’s worse nipples are clearly visible if I have thin t-shirt (like during PE class) or if I’m cold. Some of my classmates even started noticing it and it was embarrassing. I don’t want everybody to be able to stare at my breasts. Obviously, I asked my mum to buy me a bra but she told me that there’s no need as my breasts are still very small and that she’ll buy me one in a few months. I was upset but I knew that if I’ll continue this topic, my mum would get upset. (We don’t have money problems or anything by the way, she just gets upset easily.)

So when I was spending time at dad’s, I asked dad for some money and Mary if she will go with me and help me buy a bra. (I didn’t want to ask dad to go and help me choose one because I think it would be weird.) Mary agreed and helped me buy not one but three different bras which are great and I’m much more comfortable during PE classes and in general.

But my mum is angry with me. She told me that she’s my mum and not Mary and that I had no right to ask Mary about buying me bras if she didn’t agree. She says that I am doing things behind her back. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to wait a few months because I needed a bra now, because I had problems with going to school.

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