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Drew Barrymore branded racist after posting video of herself frolicking in the rain

Drew Barrymore was labeled racist after posting a TikTok video of herself enjoying a rainfall, after woke killjoys stated she was copying a trend known as ‘black guys frolicking.’

The complaint comes from an irate TikTok user who goes under the name @amushroomblackly.

Since the video mirrored a ‘frolicking’ trend created by black TikTokers earlier this year, she claimed Barrymore was evidence of a colonizer “who disregard and ignore the limitations that black producers have imposed.”

In a video released to her 6.5 million followers, Barrymore joyfully wanders around in the pouring rain with a huge smile, stating that whenever one can, go out in the rain. Do not miss this chance.


♬ original sound – Drew Barrymore

Minutes after the actress submitted her video, amushroomblackly responded strangely, stating, ‘you and I both know you are capable of enjoying the rain, frolicking freely, without shooting it and sharing it to TikTok.’

She went on to say that Barrymore “cosigned folks who just go out of their way to disregard and ignore the limitations that black inventors have set.”

‘And now you’re one of those individuals,’ she says in a video posted to Libs of TikTok’s Twitter account.

The TikToker’s rage derives from a May craze that portrayed black males leaping around happily in fields or other natural settings, which soon caught on and became viral.

Barrymore’s accuser stated, ‘I guess my question is, why is it so vital to you all to treat us as if we don’t matter?’ before laughing and cutting the tape.

In what is thought to be the trend-starting video, released in May by TikTok user @thexsadxoptimistic, he is seen running across a field while smiling and exclaiming, ‘oh my god, I’m going through a field frolicking!’

@thexsadxoptimistic How many of y’all can say y’all frolicked before⁉️ #BlackBoyJoy #BigEnergy ♬ original sound – ThexSadxOptimistic

More black TikTok users participated in the fun, and the hashtag #blackmenfrolicking was trending on the app for almost 600k times. The trend subsequently extended to other audiences as black women joined in on the fun.

One Twitter user reacted to the post by chastising others for ‘picking on one woman (desperate for views) and labelling Drew Barrymore a racist for dancing in the rain? Let’s start trending the crucial stuff…’

‘I’m so absolutely perplexed,’ said politician Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman on Twitter. ‘Could you kindly explain the link between frolicking in the rain and black people?’

The user then responded with additional videos, doubling down and criticizing Barrymore’s past, adding, ‘Aw poor Drew had a horrible life, said the white woman to the black woman.’

She was surprised by the response to her video, claiming that people wanted to reject her views on her own TikTok, but support Drew.

She stated that Barrymore’s video of her having fun in the rain opened the floodgates for those who insult black inventors.

The user closed the video by adding that this is crazy, and people are so reactive. she said what she had to say.

In May, Barrymore shared a similar video in which she urged individuals to step outside and enjoy the rain.

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