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Drew Barrymore reveals she hadn’t shaved in 3 MONTHS

Drew Barrymore claimed she shaved for the first time in three months in a humorous video chronicling her bathroom mistake.

Drew, 48, stated in a video posted to her Instagram account on Monday that a screaming home alarm briefly interrupted her shaving session.

‘I was finally shaving after three months,’ Drew acknowledged to her admirers in an Instagram video, sporting a towel with shaving cream under her armpits.

This comes after Drew said in an interview that she does not believe shaving is a form of self-care.

She is not buddies with self-care. Her legs haven’t been shaved, and she tries to keep her nails short because she dislikes having dirt beneath them. She aims to work out with her girls three times a week, and she generally makes it two days a week, which is something.

The objective is to work three days per week. If she has time, she can work four days a week. It’s simply that there isn’t enough time. she said.

Self-care for her is having her children’s belongings sorted and ready to go in the morning. It is a kind of self-care. It may not seem so, but it is because this f****ng bubble bath technique is so annoying.

It does not promote self-care or pleasure in him. Having her kids’ belongings organized and lined up, including their shoes, coats, and backpacks, makes her feel like she won the morning.

Drew revealed to the camera in her hilarious and relatable video that one couldn’t make this stuff up. She was overjoyed.

After three months, she finally shaved, as she admitted, with cream showing around her underarms.

‘But the home alarm is going off, so…,’ the Scream star said, shaking her head in astonishment as the horn continued to wail.

The video shifts to a calmer time when Drew wraps the towel around her more firmly.

‘It’s fixed,’ she said.

The Princess Power producer then went on to a tub of now-cold water, imparting the terrible news, ‘Well, that bath is just about finished.’

The actress, who is constantly looking on the bright side, shared a personal victory of woman vs. machine.

Of course, her admirers were ecstatic over the video and Drew’s sincerity.

One admirer was overjoyed because she seemed to be as down to earth in real life as she is on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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