NEAR DISASTER: Driver Hailed Hero For Springing Into Action After Bus Stalls On Train Tracks.

You never know what situation life brings you too. At times of trouble we may be frightened or scared but remember to think about how you can get out of this situation. Just like in this case where a bus driver instead of panicking used her thinking skill to avoid a big tragedy. She was truly an angel for the kids in the bus.

A bus driver turned out to be a hero for saving kids who were in the school bus that stalled on train tracks in Orland Park, Illinois.

The Metra train hit the front of the bus but fortunately the driver’s quick thinking of getting the children out of the bus saved their lives. According to fire chief Michael Scholfield no injuries were reported.

In Schofield words, “The investigation we did shows the driver stopped at the tracks as required to do so, but when she started the bus to cross, the bus stalled with the front end of the bus over the tracks. The gate came down on the top of the bus and the driver quickly escorted the five children off to the bus to safety minutes before the Metra train hit the front of the bus.”

Among the students in the bus there was Ava Gentile, 12 and her two brothers. She expressed that they all ran out of the bus and told the other kids to jump out of the bus and went far for the safer side.

Marc the father of Ava was grateful to Ms. Sue for her heroic act and felt a relief after seeing his children safe. The bus driver was hugged by the children to express their gratitude to her.

It’s great to hear stories that ended happily. Kudos to the best driver.

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