Drunk Driver Insults Wheelchair Bound Victim, Infuriated Judge Makes Her Pay By Removing Plea Deal.

Marilyn Aguilera of Miami-Dade County, Florida, makes bad mistakes. Aguilera destroyed more lives than just her own by driving intoxicated with a blood alcohol level (BAL) that was subsequently revealed to be three times the legal limit. Unfortunately, the inebriated woman drove into the worst possible spot when she plowed into a baseball field during a little-league championship game.

Aguilera collided with a father who was coaching his five-year-old son’s team. Javier Perez, the father, was also a 44-year-old high school administrator. When authorities came, they discovered that not only was Aguilera’s BAL three times the legal limit, yet she also had an open beer. After injuring an innocent guy, the 52-year-old mom was arrested for drunk driving and faced harsh punishment.

Javier Perez, a husband and father as well as a coach, popular principal, and valuable member of society, lost both of his legs as a consequence of the tragedy. And his journey to recovery was long and difficult. He aspires to walk again one day with the aid of prosthetic limbs after enduring 20 operations and more than 100 transfusions. Furthermore, he simply tried to put the situation behind him so that he could go on. But Aguilera would spoil it for him as well.

Perez, who has since become an example, expressed sympathy for the lady who had created so much upheaval and grief in his life. He only desired resolution to the issue. That’s why, despite committing such a horrific act, Aguilera was offered a plea bargain – one that her own victim supported.

The state offered her a plea bargain in which she would be charged with three counts of DUI and sentenced to four years in jail, one year of house detention, and two years of probation. One would think she’d be grateful to have gotten such a reprieve, but Aguilera took it all for granted when she arrived late and absolutely disoriented in court.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Diane Ward was justifiably enraged when Aguilera arrived for court hours late, then sobbed and begged to be let out early. But, surprise, her conduct worsened. Aguilera protested that her mom, who is in a wheelchair, requires her presence at the hearing where the defendant was expected to accept the bargain. This after arriving hours late, disoriented and on medicine, and weeping and pleading with the court for early release.

It’s simply that she is more worried about Mom, who is also wheelchair-bound, Aguilera said as she stood in front of the guy she sentenced to a wheelchair after driving intoxicated. One can understand Judge Ward’s fury at such a lack of responsibility in her courtroom. Aguilera clearly did not take full responsibility for what she had done. The event had taught her nothing. As a result, Judge Ward chose to punish her.

Shocked, the court delivered a scathing retort to Aguilera’s careless words. Well, it appears that many individuals are now wheelchair-bound, Judge Ward responded, but that wasn’t all the judge did. The enraged judge also removed the plea offer off the table, declaring that she would not take it, compelling the lady to go to trial rather.

In addition to scheduling a future trial date, the court advised Aguilera to “act like a grown-up.” Following her courtroom antics, the drunk-driving mother, who professes to suffer from bipolar disorder, faced up to seven years in jail instead of the four years granted by the plea.

There’s a lesson here for the rest of us as well. The first and most apparent is to not drive intoxicated. But, if one find oneself in hot water and must appear in court before a judge, it’s best not to irritate the judge. This is particularly true if one were fortunate enough to obtain a plea bargain. There isn’t anything that will enrage a judge more than a clear lack of responsibility. Accept responsibility for one’s actions and faults. Being a spoiled brat will not get anyone any brownie points.

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