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‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson reveals devastating news.

Missy Robertson is recognized and adored as a television personality who features on the program ‘Duck Dynasty’. She is a mom in her personal life as well as a television personality.

Mia Robertson, her daughter, was born 19 years ago. Missy encountered several challenges when she was born that most individuals do not. She was born with a cleft lip and palate on both sides.

This is an uncommon syndrome in which the facial features of a baby do not completely develop during pregnancy. Because of this, Mia Robertson has had several surgeries over the course of her 19 years.

Mia’s mother attributes her change and well-being to Dr. David Genecov, Mia’s longtime surgeon. Mia has had various surgeries done on her since she was a child.

Dr. Genecov died in an automobile accident in November 2022, which startled the Robertson family.

Missy Robertson turned to Instagram to share her grief at his untimely death. Dr. David altered Mia’s life in ways that no other surgeon could have.

The 59-year-old specialist was widely known and respected in the field of pediatric craniofacial surgery. She talked about his life and praised him for how hard he worked at his job and took care of her daughter Mia.

His kind personality helped soothe her daughter and herself, but his continuous reassurance to both that they could accomplish the hard things contributed to making both stronger than they could have imagined possible, Missy wrote. He made fun of himself and related anecdotes about how he was shorter than his patients. He looked Mia in the eyes at each visit and included her in the choices and goals he had for her health, she said.

She commended the doctor’s bond with his parents. Dr. David, she claimed, treated her and Mia, as well as all of his other patients and their families, as if they were genuine friends. He was attributed with her daughter’s accomplishment, she said. Mia is currently a college student, attending Lipscomb University on a scholarship.

The doctor from Dallas, Texas, was also the director of the International Craniofacial Institute. He has treated over 17,000 patients from 30 different nations.

Missy posted on Instagram that he was more than they could have hoped or expected for her cleft journey. They shall miss him terribly, but they are eternally thankful for the work he performed for Mia and all of his cleft patients, as well as the legacy of medical discoveries he leaves for future generations!

Missy Robertson predicted that many families would be grieving the late doctor.

It wasn’t easy telling Mia, and she’s mourning the loss tonight, she acknowledged. She has no recollection of her life before Dr. David. Please pray for his family and all others who are bereaved by his death.

Our hearts go out to the Robertson family as they mourn this loss. We pray for Dr. David’s eternal peace.

Please join us in expressing our sympathy to the grieving family.

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