During The Current Crisis Woman Was Scared To Post This Picture ONLINE.

Story by Stephanie Hanrahan

I was scared to post this photo.

Because although we are following social distancing rules, there’s a lot of opinions right now about what’s right and what’s wrong.

But here’s the deal: This is what’s right for me. Friends, six feet of space, and fresh air.

A lot of condemnation is happening online and it’s strange. We’re all fighting the same fight, but we all feel vastly different about how to handle it. And instead of letting people (safely) choose their own way—or post their own thoughts—we’re going on the attack.

So here’s what I suggest: We have no obligation to agree with others about their religion, parenting, or even social distancing decisions. But we do have an obligation toward kindness. It’s okay to suggest a new and better way. It’s okay to share your opinion (if it’s released without anger).

But it’s also okay to just keep scrolling.

As this world re-opens, people may do things that stir up a lot of feelings in us. And I get it, one careless act can effect many when it comes to corona. But just remember, the vast majority are doing their best.

And as for me, I’m posting this because that driveway meetup saved my depression that day.

And I am proud to have friends who show up with kindness—even during a pandemic.

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