During the final months of a WWII veteran’s life, a woman becomes his “daughter.”

Brooke O’Briant received a call on December 20, 2018, regarding an elderly guy who required assistance. She answered the phone and paid him a visit as a marketing for an assisted living home.

She understood she intended to do all in her ability to get him out of that predicament.

That day transformed not just O’Briant’s life, but also the man’s life.

Nathaniel Hudson, a World War II veteran, had been living in a “tiny and rundown” apartment. He hadn’t spoken to his family in over 20 years, yet he was a caring man in need of a friend.

Hudson fell in love when O’Briant showed him around the assisted care facility.

Hudson was ultimately able to move into the assisted living facility after a few months. Hudson moved into his new house on April 5, 2019. He was overjoyed! she said.

O’Briant and Hudson spent a lot of time together during the next year. O’Briant made sure Hudson got his mail, attended to his doctor’s appointments, and took care of the mundane.

Hudson, who was ecstatic, frequently alluded to her as his “supervisor.”

But when Hudson accompanied O’Briant and her family at church one day, which he did on occasion, he addressed her as his daughter.

It warmed her heart, she said.

Hudson’s health continued to deteriorate, and he was diagnosed with cancer.

During a hospital visit, his nurses inquired about nursing homes and end-of-life care as he could no longer provide the attention he required at the assisted living facility.

He is not making any choices without Brooke, he said.

Hudson granted O’Briant power of attorney, which O’Briant accepted with humility and reverence.

Hudson died on April 14th.

O’Briant discovered that the WWII soldier sang “Amazing Grace” as loudly as he could in his closing moments.

She think he knew he was going to Heaven, she explained.

She’ll miss her wonderful pal, but she’ll see him again. What a wonderful day that will be.

She launched a GoFundMe after his death to assist pay for the fees not covered by the VA or the national cemetery. More than $5,500 was raised, which was more than enough to pay the costs. Anything left over would be utilized for the memorial ceremony, which would be held after groups were permitted to reassemble, and whatever surplus would be donated to charity.

Nathaniel Hudson, rest in peace. And thank you, Brooke, for being so thoughtful to a guy who was alone in his final years.

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