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Dwayne Johnson Used To Steal Snickers From A 7-Eleven. He Just Returned To ‘Right The Wrong’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Johnson wasn’t himself when he was 14 years old and starving.

In an Instagram post, the actor and former professional wrestler confessed that he could have been a living slogan for Snickers’ commercial campaign, which mocks the strange, often drastic things we do when our tummies grumble.

When he was 14, he used to stop here at this 7-Eleven every day and steal a king-size Snicker bar since he couldn’t afford to purchase one, he recounted in a recent Instagram video, noting that the caramelly nougat and peanut chocolate bar served as his pre-workout snack. He did that every day for over a year.

The video, which was posted on the “Black Adam” actor’s Instagram on Sunday, followed him as he approached a 7-Eleven in Hawaii and bought every last Snickers bar on the shelf.

In the caption, he said, he finally exorcised this blasted chocolate monster that’s been eating at him for decades. They were kicked out of Hawaii in 1987, and after all these years —he finally came back home to make amends. He was penniless… Every day, the same clerk came in and merely turned her head, never catching her.

Johnson has been candid about his family’s financial troubles during his adolescence.

The actor discussed how he saw his parents rely on the goodwill of others to stretch their income and put food on the table.

And he went through it with flying colors.

The famous actor’s journey did not conclude with a Snickers raid. As an added punishment, the actor purchased things for every customer in the store and left tips for the cashiers.

In total, his in-store transaction cost him $298.

It was the least he could do given all the crap. He used to steal from here, he said in the post, adding, one can’t alter the past or some of the stupid things one may have done, but every once in a while one can add a small redeeming grace note to that circumstance – and maybe put a big grin on some stranger’s faces.

Johnson’s atonement was noted by 7-Eleven, who replied to the actor’s revelation of how he obtains his gains with a cheeky response. “Well, now that I know ur pre exercise secret, I’m about to be,” the chain wrote in the comments area of the post.

As a follow-up Johnson was seen on Instagram snapping a photo outside the convenience shop and subsequently inside while having heaps of Snickers bars rung up.

Johnson also left all of his purchased Snickers at the counter for hungry customers contemplating a five-finger discount, in addition to the delicious act of penance.

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