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Ed Sheeran reveals wife Cherry had a tumor during pregnancy.

Ed Sheeran spoke up about his personal experience composing his latest album, “Subtract,” in an Instagram post released on March 1.

A “series of events” transformed his life in 2022, according to the British singer-songwriter, prompting him to compose his deepest, darkest thoughts into the album. One of these occurrences was the discovery of a tumor in his pregnant wife, Cherry Seaborn.

He stated that within a month, his pregnant wife was informed she had a tumor, with no treatment options until after the delivery.

Jupiter, the couple’s second child, was born in May of last year. Lyra Antarctica, their first child, was born in 2020.

Sheeran also acknowledged Jamal Edwards, a “brother” and closest friend who died unexpectedly in February 2022.

He would not be here without him, professionally and personally, Sheeran said at the time in an Instagram post. There will never be anything like him, but he is so thankful to have been in his circle.

Sheeran also mentioned protecting his own career as a composer in a copyright dispute for “Shape of You,” which he won in 2022.

He wrote that he was in a downward spiral of dread, melancholy, and worry. He seemed to be drowning, head below the surface, gazing up but unable to break through for breath.

Sheeran describes songwriting as his source of therapy.

He said that he composed without thinking about what the songs would be, just writing whatever spilled out. And in a little more than a week, he replaced a decade’s worth of labor with his darkest, deepest thoughts.

Sheeran said with his new acoustic album that he is “opening a trapdoor” into his soul.

He wrote that for the first time, he is not attempting to create an album that individuals will like; instead, he is just releasing something that is honest and genuine to where he is in his adult life.

On May 5, the last chapter of his continuing mathematic-themed CDs will be published.

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