Egyptian Flight That Crashed, Killed 66 People Caused by Cigarette.

A plane on its route to Egypt crashed in 2016, killing everybody on board. As per a new inquiry it all boiled down to one cigarette.

According to the allegation, which was obtained exclusively by the Italian news outlet Corriere Della Sera, Pilot Ali Ali Shoukair lit a cigarette in the cockpit of an EgyptAir flight, causing oxygen that was seeping from an emergency mask to explode into blazes. Egyptian pilots smoked routinely in the cockpit, and smoking was not prohibited at the time of the disaster, which occurred six years ago.

At the time, Egyptian officials said that the airliner was brought down by a terrorist strike… but no organization took credit. It was also reported that bombs were discovered on the bodies of the crash victims, however this was later debunked.

The Airbus A320, which was flying from Paris to Cairo, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, killing all 66 people on board… the jet wildly veered back and forth before plummeting downward. Among those killed was Richard Osman, 40, whose second daughter had been born just three weeks before the tragedy.

Julie Heslouin, who lost her dad and sibling in the incident, said in response to the new findings that they have been waiting since 2016 to comprehend why they lost their loved ones and formally nobody told them anything.

The Civil Aviation Accident Bureau of France stated in 2018 that it was most likely a fire that originated in the cockpit… There was no mention of oxygen leakage or cigarettes.Following the victims’ demise, a candlelight vigil was organized in Cairo. The report was completed by aviation specialists in France and was submitted to the Paris Court of Appeal.
Truly heartbreaking. Prayers for the families.

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