A Bank Disturbance Of A Different Kind.

When police officers are called to a bank for a disturbance, it’s usually not a good thing…at all. But this disturbance was a little different. At the Bank of America in Montebello, California, a 92-year-old man was trying to withdraw some of the money from his account.

However, his state identification card had expired and, because of bank policy, he could not make any withdrawals from his account. So the elderly man leaning on a cane started a ruckus with the bank teller… he wanted his money.

Facebook/Montebello Police Department

Police were then called in. Officer Robert Josett decided to handle the situation the best way he could. He explained to the man that the bank had its policy for a reason. Then, he did something that many others might not have thought to do. And it was something so simple. The officer drove the man to the Department of Motor Vehicles and had his identification card renewed.

Facebook/Montebello Police Department

He then drove him back to the bank, and he was able to withdraw the money from his account. So simple. But so special. When someone takes a few minutes their time to help someone else, it can make all the difference in the world.

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