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Elderly Woman Won’t Get Unsafe Tires Changed, Doesn’t Know State Trooper Is Listening And Not About To Let Her Drive Off Like That.

Mary Summers, 92, of Texas, had the unfortunate experience of picking up a nail in one of her tires. She went to Integrity Tires in Richmond, Texas, to get the tire fixed, and she was given even more terrible news. Fixing the ruptured tire was out of the question. That, like the other three tires on her automobile, needed to be changed.

According to Omar Oregueda, the mechanic helping Mary, all four tires on her vehicle were irreparably damaged, rendering the vehicle hazardous to drive. Even worse, this was not going to be an inexpensive cure. Mary’s automobile needed new tires, which would cost her at least $600. This was not what Mary had expected to hear.

Omar was the unfortunate mechanic who had to break the awful news to the old lady. Her vehicle’s tire was unrepairable, and the other tires were shot, Omar stated. They’d already been utterly demolished. This, of course, did not make Mary pleased.

Since she couldn’t afford four new tires, Mary requested that Omar just give her the amount for the one that had picked up the nail. Mary had no idea that a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper was seated behind her, listening in on the elderly lady and the mechanic’s worried talk.

The trooper felt he couldn’t allow Mary to drive away in a vehicle that was dangerous not just to her but also to the public. So he made the decision to take affairs into his own hands. The trooper quickly fled after approaching the counter. Soon later, Omar returned to speak with Mary.

To Mary’s amazement, the technician informed her that she would be receiving four new tires that day, all of which would be changed at no cost to her. They’re paid for and everything, he continued. And when she asked, who paid? He replied the trooper who was in here. She recalls it and adds that she can scarcely speak about it right now as she wants to weep because he did that. Then he did it and then he left.

Mary’s good fortune didn’t stop there. The trooper’s generosity was reportedly infectious, encouraging Omar Oregueda to do something good for Mary Summers as well. He handed her a free oil change. For a stranger to look after another stranger like that… let’s all simply look after one other, Omar added. That is what it is all about.”

The cop responsible for the excellent act was discovered and surprised Mary one final time. She had intended to fully thank the guy who had assisted her, but she never had the opportunity since he paid discreetly and swiftly. The television station, on the other hand, was able to make amends by reconnecting Mary Summers with Texas DPS Trooper Drew Stoner – the guy who generously paid for her tires.

The Texas state policeman was a hero to Mary Summers, who was down on her luck and couldn’t afford new tires, yet Trooper Stoner claimed he didn’t want Mary to be recognized for the gesture. Rather, he just wanted to be certain she was safe.

Of course, Mary would be eternally grateful for the trooper’s kindness. She is so grateful to him, she told Trooper Stoner after a tearful reunion. She is honored to have met someone with such a large heart, and she adores him to the moon and back. They couldn’t be more in agreement. Trooper Stoner deserves special recognition for his generosity. More cops like him are desperately needed in the community.

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