Elizabeth Taylor’s granddaughter looks like the actress’ reincarnation

Elizabeth Taylor was a modern-day icon. Her outstanding performance in films, among other things, won her a name in Hollywood, and her legacy continues to influence others to this day. She was a true artist and a kind humanitarian.

Individuals still look up to her as the hardworking entrepreneur she was. Taylor rose to prominence in the entertainment world in a short period of time due to her persistence and perseverance.

After welcoming her 4 kids, the late artist achieved contentment, and her family has since extended to include several grandkids and great-grandchildren. There is one grandchild, though, who bears striking resemblance to the diva.

Many people feel Laela Wilding, Taylor’s son Michael Wilding, Jr.’s daughter, is the exact replica of the renowned star. Laela, like her grandmother, is a humanitarian who is continuing on the work of the actress through the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Laela, Taylor’s first grandchild, was born in 1971 and spends a lot of time with her grandmother. She was a talented artist. She had a keen eye, Laela shared information about her late grandma. According to reports, the actress taught Laela about fashion and how to properly apply cosmetics. She once told her, ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it,'” the 50-year-old remembered.

Laela is now strongly involved in carrying on her grandmother’s excellent work of assisting innumerable others suffering with HIV and AIDS. She said they never saw her as a celebrity. She got passionate about activism, and nothing inspires her more than her grandmother’s love and dedication for others.

Taylor was appointed head of the AIDS Project Los Angeles’ Commitment to Life fundraiser in 1885. This was around the time when her buddy, actor Rock Hudson, died of HIV. Following the death, Taylor herself worked to stop the disease by co-founding The Foundation for AIDS Research, and later in 1991, she formed her own organisation, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF).

After her grandmother’s death, Laela vowed to continue her grandmother’s heritage with the support of her siblings. She expressed, they are committed to sustain their grandmother’s legacy and let the world know the foundation is prospering. According to the foundation’s website, in addition to Laela’s work with ETAF, she serves on the board of directors of Our House of Portland, which supports low-income HIV+ persons with health care, housing, and other important services.

The organisation noted that Laela also organises and talks at ETAF events, connecting individuals together in grassroots fundraising and advocating tolerance and affection for all individuals impacted by HIV.

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