Ellen DeGeneres Surprise To The Cashier At Walgreen Will Bring You To Tears.

For two months, a woman named Stacy in St. Louis was secretly raising money for her favorite cashier, Mike Haynes, at Walgreen’s. Word of this got back to Ellen DeGeneres and she decided to surprise Mike with it on her show last January.

Stacy was there along with about 80 people who donated to the fund-raiser for Mike. Most of them know Mike and think he’s a pretty incredible guy. Stacy said Mike is such a deserving man. She says he is genuine, warm and kind and remembers your name every time you walk in and she just “loves him to death.”

She wanted this chance to really brighten his day after all the bright days he gives others. So Ellen called and talked to Mike for a minute before his big surprise. She pretended to be a regular woman who was in the store the day before and lost her purse, and she asked him to look for it. Then she asked if he liked his job, and he said he did… that he enjoyed it and has really great bosses and great customers. Then she told him who she actually was… and he said, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… did you say Ellen DeGeneres? The audience laughed, and she said Yes. Then his voice got about three octaves higher and he asked how she was doing… And then Stacy, her friends and the TV crew ran into the store to surprise him. And surprised he was.

He kept saying he was shocked. And then Stacy told him why everyone was there. She told him he has truly made an impact on everyone’s lives and she told him they did a fund-raiser for him. He said he wasn’t worthy, which got laughter from the audience.

Ellen asked him why he was so kind, and he said his mother taught him a lot, and meeting other people throughout his life. Then all 80 people filed into the Walgreen’s to high-five and hug Mike. He was bewildered. Then, Stacy told Mike they had raised, from 280 donors, more than $6,000. And then she gave it to him. He was shocked.

Ellen knew a little more about Mike. He worked hard from paycheck to paycheck to take care of his mom, and he continues to spread kindness and positivity to his community. Then she played a little game with him… a scavenger hunt, saying for each item he brought back, she would give him a thousand dollars.

He was thrilled. But the little game didn’t matter. She wound up giving Mike $10,000. It was certainly a joyful day for Mike and everyone who showed up to congratulate him. 

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