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Elvis Presley’s Swedish mistress is 81 today: Inside their passionate love affair & her active life-style.

Today, Ann-Margret Olsson is regarded as one of the true greats.

Her legacy will go on for a very long time as one of the most spectacular live performers that traditional Hollywood has ever produced.

Today, however, we’ll delve a little deeper into her electrifying relationship with Elvis Presley.

Though Ann-Margret has been tight-lipped about what occurred between the two stars, she has revealed some very exciting details in her autobiography, My Story.

It’s unknown when Ann-Margret and Elvis initially met, but we do know that the blonde Swede won Elvis Presley’s heart while shooting Viva Las Vegas in 1964.

Presley eventually married Priscilla, but Ann-Margret maintains she and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll were soul mates. Their chemistry and love affair would have a significant impact on Elvis’ future marriage.

During the filming of Viva Las Vegas, everyone could see Ann-Margret and Elvis’ love.

But the gorgeous couple didn’t just fall in love on the big screen; their feelings for each other were genuine and continued off-screen as well.

Their attraction was immediate and intense. Ann-Marget said that they both felt a current, electricity that went straight through them. It would become a force that they couldn’t control.

Elvis, according to Ann-Margret, desired that they marry. Their dates were often comprised of driving up a hill, gazing down at the city, and conversing.

Elvis sometimes requested total privacy with Ann-Margret, demonstrating to her that she was a special girl for him. It was proof that Elvis trusted her, which only strengthened their bond.

They were true soul mates, shy on the outside but wild on the inside. They were both on the brink and self-destructive in their own ways. Aside from the celebrity and what they accomplished so quickly, they both remained very childish and emotionally insecure, Ann-Margret says in her autobiography.

But there was one issue: Elvis was in a relationship with Priscilla Presley. Elvis had invited Priscilla, then 17, to move in with him in Memphis a year before the premiere of Viva Las Vegas.

However, she was not present when Ann-Margret and Elvis were filming in Hollywood.

Priscilla was aware that Elvis was cheating on her, but unlike the other women he had a crush on, she considered his affair with Ann-Margret to be a serious danger. Elvis rejected everything, but Priscilla was well aware of what he was up to.

In the run-up to her wedding, Priscilla was terrified of the attractive blonde, but in the end, the lively and charming Swede was too similar to Elvis. They were “mirror images,” which was a bad thing given Elvis’ values. He had a conventional and conservative view of marriage. Ann-Margret did not meet the profile; Priscilla Presley did.

After Viva Las Vegas, they continued to write each other love letters, but Elvis understood he had to call it quits with Ann-Margret.

As their romance fizzled, the actress described it as a “confusing situation.”

Despite the fact that their love connection ended, the pair remained in touch following Elvis’ marriage to Priscilla. Every time she played in Las Vegas, “The King” would give her guitar-shaped flower bouquets.

Ann-Margret and Elvis remained lifelong friends, and when she didn’t get flowers after a gig in 1977, she realised The King was no longer alive. Ann-Margret was Elvis’s sole female co-star who attended his burial.

Looking back on her career, Ann-Margret, 81, has provided some memorable moments on the big screen, as well as some famous songs that are being performed today.

Born in Sweden in 1941, the true Hollywood icon came to prominence in the 1960s. Ann-Margret is from a little community in northern Sweden, and few expected her to become one of the world’s most recognisable faces.

In 1946, she and her family emigrated to the United States from their Swedish homeland of “lumberjacks and farmers high up near the Arctic Circle.”

Ann Margret’s debut came as a singer; her seductive and lively voice earned her the moniker “female Elvis Presley.” Hollywood quickly saw she had the complete package – and the moment was ideal for her passion as a performer.

Her career in the entertainment sector began in 1961 and has spanned six decades.

Her most notable appearance was in the 1963 musical romantic comedy Bye Bye Birdie, in which she played the all-American girl Kim from Sweet Apple, Ohio. The film was a smash hit, and Ann-Margret graced the cover of Life Magazine twice.

Ann-Margret is pleased with her accomplishments, but her long-term marriage to actor and manager Roger Smith is the highlight of her life. The pair married in 1967 and remained together until Roger’s terrible death in 2017.

Their marriage was all Ann-Margret could have wished for, but it had a rocky start. The Bye Bye Birdie actress sobbed throughout their civil wedding ceremony in Las Vegas because she was so upset.

The wedding was not at all what she had envisioned.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter in the end. Ann-Margret and Roger Smith had an excellent connection; they were a committed pair who never left one another’s side.

Ann-Margret still resides in the home she and her husband purchased in Los Angeles in 1968.

Ann-Margret and Roger encountered difficulties in their relationship, as do other couples. They attempted for 13 years to have kids, but Ann-Margret never became pregnant. She tried everything, including a fertility pump, with no luck.

Ann-Margret eventually gave up and concentrated on becoming the greatest possible stepmother to Roger’s three kids from a previous relationship.

Ann-Margret was 76 years old when the love of her life died. Roger’s death in 2017 came as no surprise to her; her spouse had been forced to retire from acting in the 1980s due to myasthenia gravis. He was significantly afflicted by the vein and nerve issue; he also had Parkinson’s disease.

His health also required Ann-Margret to take time away from work to care for him. Throughout her partner’s lengthy illness, she demonstrated complete dedication to him.

Despite her grief over her husband’s death, Ann-Margret managed to move on with her life.

The brilliant lady is keeping herself occupied as of 2023. She likes motorcycles and has a purple Harley Davidson.

The 81-year-old actress, who still looks stunning, enjoys feeling the engine’s strength under her and the wind in her hair. She clearly isn’t ready to say “bye bye” just yet.

She is still active in Hollywood and will star in the 2022 television film “A Holiday Spectacular.” She has also found love, although she has not revealed his name. The new guy in her life, according to the actress, is no stranger, and falling in love again is a “nice feeling,” she adds.

This lady had a fantastic career! And we will always appreciate her for it, as well as her devotion to her husband throughout his long illness!

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