Employee At The Drive-Thru Gets A Surprise Of A LIFETIME By These Ladies.

Source: Reddit

Worked at a fast food chain when I was in high school. Many stories to be had about the work, but the only one really worth mentioning is a happy one.

One of our recurring customers was “the diet coke ladies”. Every afternoon, they would come through the drive thru and order 2 medium diet cokes. It was two older ladies, with their dogs in the back of their little Rav 4. Always nice, always wanting only 2 medium diet cokes. Occasionally, if things were super slow, we’d have a little chat as they paid (only a minute or two), and they would drive up to the second window for their drinks. Everyone in the store knew them, and you just had to shout “diet coke ladies are here!” and the person up front would get the drinks ready.

As I was getting ready to go to college in a couple weeks, I happened to mention it to them. They were glad for me, and wished me well.

Two days later, they came through the drive-thru per usual, but when they paid, they also handed me a little box, wrapped with a little silk ribbon. Inside was a silver pen, and engraved on the side was “2 Medium Diet Cokes”.

They told me they wanted me to pass my first test with it.

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