Employees Prays With Grieving Widow At Drive-Thru.

Workers at a Dutch Brothers drive-through coffee stand in Vancouver, Washington, dealing with a regular customer. But the day she came through their stand, she wasn’t your typical customer. She was in tears. When one of the young men in the stand asked if she was ok, she said that she was having a really bad day… that her husband had just passed and she was having a lot of difficulty dealing with it.

Another worker appeared and they offered her a free drink. Then another worker appeared at the window and they all reached for the woman’s hand and started praying for her.

No one in the cars behind her got inpatient. No one honked their horns. They could see what was going on and that the workers were offering her the best comfort they could give her. And That was actually sweeter and more satisfying than any cup of coffee. 

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