Employees Steps In To Help Seeing A Mother Struggling With Her Toddler’s Meltdown.

You must know how it feels when you’re involved in an uncomfortable situation and ALL EYES are on you.

Uncomfortable is really an understatement… you feel like you wanna crawl under a rock. And that is usually how a parent feels when their child is throwing a tantrum in the middle of a big store. The horrible screaming… the thrashing of the arms. Not a fun time. Yeah, you can feel all those eyes on you now, can’t you? And then you might hear someone behind you talking to a friend, saying “This is why I’ll never have kids.” And that brings it to a full-circle nightmare.

So one day in the middle of a Target store in Wilmington, Massachusetts, a little girl started going into a full tantrum. It was Brianna Lelos’ little girl, Bella, who went into the fit. And it was bad. So, instead of just walking by and trying to ignore it, a Target employee named Liliana decided she would try to help out. So she sat down on the floor next to Bella and spoke softly to her. And after a few seconds, the toddler calmed down and everything was fine.

Mom Brianna was extremely impressed by Liliana’s way with her daughter, so she took a picture and posted about the incident on Twitter, saying: “To Liliana of the Wilmington, MA Target store: Thank you. I *think* every parents knows the feeling of their toddler/any age child having a tantrum in the middle of the store……”

She then went on to mention the very good values of employees such as Liliana, and she said she would make sure that Target executives would be made very much aware of it.

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