Eve Barlow wants to know why Johnny Depp is not telling his fans to stop abusing her online

Music journalist, Eve Barlow, 36, has been one of the rare voices shielding Amber Heard in the midst of the flood of animosity that Amber has received online during the denouncement hearing between her and Johnny Depp. Barlow has now vocal against the assaults levelled at her by Depp’s supporters.  

Barlow has been titled Heard’s tower of strength as the hearing unfolded. Though she started joining the hearing in person, she was prohibited from the courtroom after it appeared that she was texting and tweeting in the course of the live events.

She has been exposed to online mistreatment for her unwavering defence of the star and she is now questioning why Depp has not once once told his admirers to discontinue being offensive towards her.

Barlow tweeted on Saturday that whatsoever she post invites 1000s of remarks calling her horrible, blaming her of taking advantage of the situation, dishonest and gold-digging, telling her that she be worthy of to be beaten and sexually assaulted, wanting death upon her and her family & friends. She further added that Depp has not ever once told his admirers to stop being insulting her.

Barlow added in another tweet that the core grievance Depp’s admirers look to have, is that she keep posting. They want them to shut up and not express. She said that the fans want to take away their expression and this hearing might be the first to be determined by social media. She called it a real let-down of justice.

The post sparked a wave of reactions on Twitter.

It is important to note that Barlow has earlier condemned Heard’s several rivals, comprising women who suspect her of untruthful about being abused by Depp in the course of their rocky marriage. She also criticised a TikTok trend insulting Heard’s testament about the suspected attack.

As mentioned earlier, Barlow was barred from joining the hearing after she violated the law court official guidelines by texting and tweeting during the events. Merely Depp and Heard’s legal sides were approved to use their cell phones inside the courtroom.

Court records illustrated how Judge Penny Azcarate declared Barlow’s removal from the courtroom. The Judge said that she was tweeting live from the courtroom and she knows that the assistants took her out since she was texting. Azcarate added that it is against the court order and for the reason that Ms. Barlow is not coming back into the courtroom in the course of this hearing.

It is said that Barlow had been always together with Heard for the past year. She has often been photographed alongside Heard and her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard. Apart from protecting Heard in public, she supposedly even tried to interfere in the hearing over Depp’s witness Gina Deuters. Barlow was also criticised when she made fun of Depp’s live performance with guitarist Jeff Beck previous to the hearing judgment.

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