Even The Audience Got Emotional When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Got His Fan Sobbing.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” at the People’s Choice Awards gave a ray of hope to somebody who truly deserved it: a Make-A-Wish survivor.

Johnson stated that at the time of his wrestling days he himself kept his nickname that was initially Muhammad Ali’s “The People’s Champion.” Ali had no issues with him using the same nickname.

Johnson remembered seeing Muhammad the last time at a Make-A-Wish event where both were granting wishes. Muhammad’s last words to Johnson was to keep rumbling while Johnson thanked him. 2016 Ali expired and Johnson continued to offer help with the non-profit organization.

“What it means to be the people’s champion, champion of the people, is you treat people good,” Johnson explained. “You treat people kind and you take care of people. You’re inclusive of people, all people, all colors, doesn’t matter.”

A Make-A-Wish recipient from the audience was called to the stage by Johnson. He mentioned he had met her earlier and how her story inspired him too. He believes she is a survivor who truly fought for her life. She has motivated her family, friends and the world that has watched her.

The teen girl was amazed by the actor’s gesture and didn’t expect it at all. When Johnson gave her his award she couldn’t believe it. She was grateful to Johnson and to Make-A-Wish.

Johnson told her “You represent everything that it means to be a people’s champion.” He ended his speech with a phrase that stuck with him from the age of 15: “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”

The same night earlier Johnson was named Comedy Movie Star of 2021 and Male Movie Star of 2021.

The People’s Champion award is for his contributions to the entertainment industry, entrepreneurial endeavors and a promise to support children and families in need through multiple philanthropic partnerships. 

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