Every 2 hours, a woman takes time off from work to breastfeed her lover.

An Atlanta lady claims she has taken time off from her bartending job to nurse her boyfriend every two hours in an effort to develop a mystical closeness that only nursing can produce.

Jennifer Mulford’s arrangement with 36-year-old partner Brad Leeson isn’t unusual, and it’s part of what’s known as an adult breastfeeding relationship (ABR). Men report feeling relaxed and comforted by nursing, and it seems to increase bonding in the partnership, according to Sex Within Marriage, which has an entire website devoted to the practice.

Mulford stated that she was unfamiliar with ABR until she came across it online.

She was jealous when she read about the relationship nursing might make between two people. She’ve always preferred having her breasts caressed during sex above anything else, so she knew she’d love it.

She sought online for a partner who was seeking to begin an ABR relationship but was unsuccessful with personal advertisements, dating site profiles, and even Craigslist postings. That’s when she started talking to Leeson, her ex-boyfriend from high school.

They were conversing, and Brad told her he had a fetish for big-breasted women, and that size had always played a role in his relationships, Mulford explained. She figured it was a good moment to talk about adult nursing and see if he was interested.

Mulford described it as like a light switch turned in Leeson’s mind. Leeson was soon conducting his own studies on ABR.

At that moment, she realized she had a life companion,” Mulford added. They both desired the same thing from the relationship: a beautiful link that only nursing can create.

Mulford claimed she hasn’t nursed in 20 years and that the procedure entails pumping and dry feeding to persuade her body to start producing milk.

A woman in an adult nursing relationship addressed readers’ interesting queries in a 2012 Reddit “Ask Me Anything” post, insisting the act is “not infantilism.” The lady, who goes by the online moniker “sassymilkmaid,” explained to her lover that it’s both sexual and emotional.

To everyone his or her own, she said, but there are many stranger obsessions out there.

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