Everyone Is Advising Wife To Follow Him On His Morning Walk After He Did This.

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So for the past month, my (36) husband (39) has been waking up at 5 every night to have a walk. These walks would take about 2 hours, Side note to mention that this new, he’s not trying to lose weight (pretty thin) he’s not athletic by nature nor has sports interests or hobbies. infact, he hated doing any type of sport.

I’m happy for him since it’s an overall positive thing. but yesterday, he came home in the evening after working for long hours then stayed up late playing with his phone. I went to bed at 10 after getting done with the mess and everything.

I was woken up by him yelling at me at 7 am asking me why I didn’t wake him up for his 5am walk. He said he missed it and I’m responsible for that. I was so confused I said that first of all, he always wakes up by setting his alarm, why should I be expected to wake him up this time. He yelled that he forgot to set his alarm. I said so what? it’s no big deal it’s not like….he missed an important meaning or something but he got more angry and said that those walks help improve his health and restore his energy and help him feel better.

I made a comment about how missing one walk won’t hurt but he unloaded on me yelling about how I was trying to prevent him from doing his hobby for some unknown reason. I told him he was sorely mistaken even though I admit that those daily 5am walks around the veteran’s park are weird but also his reaction? I really thought it was over the top. He stormed off and went to shower saying I ruined his entire day.

When he got out he started avoiding and ignoring me. Even when I talked to him directly. he went to work and refused to respond to my calls.

Really, I’m at a loss like maybe it was something I said about his walks. but I really don’t know. He’s sulking nonstop as of now and I’m literally about to lose my mind. Am I A Jerk ? How would you react after hearing such accusations?

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