Everyone Left Him Alone On His Birthday Lunch At The Restaurant For This.

Source: Reddit

I was having lunch with my friends for my birthday, I went to the bathroom and when I came back, everyone had left…There was a small moment where I thought ‘that’s okay, they’re busy and I really appreciate that they came and had lunch’. That was when I noticed the package with my name on it sitting on my chair.

Inside was a ransom note, a blacklight, and some random puzzle pieces. What followed was a four hour epic journey around the city, solving puzzles. This included a trip into a bar where the bartender said ‘I’ve been expecting you’, and handed me another set of locked boxes and puzzles as he poured me a whisky.

Eventually it finished at some accommodation they had booked for the weekend, along with the final address of a bar where everyone was waiting for me. They designed everything themselves. I was so utterly overwhelmed and humbled by the extraordinary effort they went to for me. These people are funny, smart, kind, and generous and I always feel lucky that I know them at all, let alone get to call them my friends. The world is a much better place for having them in it.

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