Everyone Tried To Scare The Pregnant Woman But She Knew The Truth.

Story by Jessica Perry

Ever since i found out i was pregnant, i’ve gotten so many warnings. “Just wait..” they would say.

Wait until you never sleep. Wait until they won’t stop crying. Wait until your social life dwindles. Wait until _______. blah blah blahhhhhh.

I guess i want to flip all of this on it’s head.

Just wait until you meet your baby for the first time. Just wait until you get to kiss them. Just wait until they lock eyes with you. Just wait until you’re the only two awake at 3am and you’re nursing and holding their tiny hand. Just wait until they learn your voice.

To whoever delights in speaking death over life’s most precious moments: STOP. Stop scaring new moms. We know it’s going to be difficult. We aren’t naive. Remind us instead that it will also be beautiful.

New mama- I’ll tell you, if no one else does: this life is everything i’ve ever dreamed it would be. it is precious. and each moment takes my breath away.

Just wait until you get to learn and grow alongside your baby. it’s going to be unforgettable. just wait.

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