Everyone Wanted A Husband Like The One She Had.

Story by Caitlin Fladager

I have a husband that helps, but that doesn’t mean I was “so lucky to find a man like that”.

Yes, I am lucky to have him. But him being what a father and husband should be like is not the main reason.

When I say to someone that I’m going away for a weekend to meet up with friends, or that he’s cooking dinner tonight, or that he took them grocery shopping without me, or that he cleaned up and did the laundry, their faces look like I’ve told them a ghost story. Then comes the “oh my god you are so lucky!!! I need to borrow him, I need a man like that”. We are a team, I pick up after him, he picks up after me, we take turns looking after the kids so we both get a break.

Being in a relationship, especially with kids, takes a ton of work, from both sides. When he comes home from work, he comes and plays with the kids so I can make dinner. Then I will play with the kids while he cleans up the kitchen. I make dinners on the weeknights, and he makes breakfast every weekend morning.

We both have each others backs, we both do our share of “work”, at home and with the kids. That’s the way it should be.

I am not lucky to have him because he does what a father should be doing, I am lucky to have him because of the person he is. And who I am when I’m with him. ⁣⁣

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