Everything Amber Heard has shared about her baby girl, Oonagh Paige.

Actor Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard declared that she secretly greeted a baby girl via surrogacy in July 2021 and named her Oonagh Paige. Amber insisted that she is both the mother and father of her child.  

Amber’s friends revealed that Oonagh was born on April 8 with the help of a surrogate after Amber was told that she would never be able to conceive.

Though she has not ever revealed the identity of the child’s dad or sperm donor but she did established the news via Instagram, where she shared a picture of herself with the baby girl.

She wrote on her Instagram that she is so thrilled to share this update with the whole world. She added that some four years ago, she decided that she sought to have a child and wanted to do it on her own terms and conditions.

Amber added to her post that a part of her needs to maintain that her personal life is nobody’s business. She said that she also get that the nature of her profession requires her to take control of this.

She said that her daughter is going to the new and fresh commencement of the rest of her life.

As per the reliable sources, subsequent to her unpleasant split with Johnny Depp, Amber was then connected with cinematographer Bianca Butti, whom she had been seeing since January 2020, but she made the choice to have a baby on her own some time before and is delighted to be Oonagh’s lone lawful parent.

It is also been eagerly guessed that Elon Musk could secretly be the dad of the child and acted as semen donor.

Amber dated Musk for one year before their split in August 2017. After four months apart, the duo decided to give another chance for their relationship later that year but they again broke up for good in February 2018.

As per the sources, it said that Amber is beyond love with her daughter and she named her baby girl, Paige, after her late mother.  

Her daughter’s birth is predominantly emotional as Amber lost her mother in May 2020 at the age of 63. Acceding to her statement, she said that she was broken-hearted and shattered beyond belief.

In her Instagram post, Amber titled her mother Paige, the utmost gorgeous woman she had ever known. She added that it is hard to visualize and even more tough to say but she feel really blessed to have been her daughter and been given the gift of having the light fall on her for almost 34 years.

Amber shared a charming photograph of Oonagh later in July 2021, working with her on a laptop and calling her the boss.

After she broke the news, Amber has displayed videos on her Instagram of her and Oonagh living their life together. The mother and daughter duo have been living in London, where Amber has been photographed pushing the lovely child around in a baby carriage.

Amber celebrated the first birthday of her baby girl on April 8, 2022 and wrote that her little O has turned a year old today. Amber wrote that this is the ultimate year of her life and she still can’t trust that her daughter is here in this world.

Looking at the pictures, it looks like Amber and Oonagh are just inseparable. Mom posting photographs of her holding O while working out even.

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