Ex-girlfriend of Texas shooter told friend he was ‘super violent’

Salvador Ramos’ ex-girlfriend allegedly told a friend how he would fly into scary violent rages, and one of his former employees claimed how he harassed her online.

Keanna Baxter, 17, explained that Ramos, 18, dated a former friend who has decided to stay unidentified, and that his violent mood swings worried her.

Bartex explained he was dating her ex-friend. And then they split up.  After that, he tried to date her, but she said no as he always had this weird feeling about him.

She claimed she ignored Ramos since a friend cautioned her about his attitude. She stated he was intimidating. Like he’d go really aggressive. And when he lost his anger, she would truly be terrified for her life. He’d send her these very horrible messages where he’d swing from really lovely to shouting at her to super sweet again.

Baxter continued that he was really hostile, like violent. He’d attempt to fight ladies. He’d battle everyone who said no and if he didn’t get his way, he’d go insane. He was particularly aggressive with women.

Ramos murdered at least 19 innocent kids in the second deadliest school massacre in American history on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas, before being killed in a confrontation with a border patrol officer.

Police claim Ramos acquired two AR-15 assault guns for his 18th birthday, flaunted about them on social media, and threatened to perpetrate an outrage before the horrific incident.

Crystal Foutz, a former Whataburger employee and Ramos’ Uvalde High School classmate, also said Ramos was hostile towards women online. She informed that following an online fight with her ex-boyfriend, he made violent threats against her via Instagram comments.

Foutz explained It was only harassing. And she never triggered him or anything. He was hostile for no apparent reason. She simply blocked him. Ramos’ online abuse of women appeared to be a trend.

Ramos was described as a “loner” with “no pals” by both Baxter and Fouz, echoing his mother’s lover Manuel Alvarez.

‘The individuals who did want to befriend him, he frightened them away,’ Foutz added. ‘He was a tremendous bully. He was a bully to you if you didn’t give him what he wanted.’

Baxter expressed that he didn’t have any pals. To be honest, he was never spoken to. Simply since individuals were terrified of him.

Ramos, on the other hand, had been a very normal youngster until the eighth grade, with his ‘best buddy’ from that time, Stephen Garcia, dubbing him the ‘nicest’ and ‘shyest kid’ who ‘just required to get out of his shell.’

Ramos was allegedly bullied because of his stammer and lisp. Classmates reportedly called him homophobic insults as well. He once posted a photo of himself wearing eyeliner. He would be bullied hard, like bullied by a lot of people over social media, gaming, and other platforms.

When Garcia had to go, Ramos proceeded to dress in all black and put on huge military boots. Friends believe that he was nicknamed ‘pelon,’ which means bald in Spanish, as a youngster because of his unusually short hair. But, in an apparent attempt to forget those days, he started growing it long.

He was subsequently labeled a ’emo’ or ‘alternative’ at school, where he got into many fist fights before becoming more absent. Ramos spent the last several months of his life working at a Wendy’s and barely attending school. He was not scheduled to graduate this year, which he appeared to dislike.

One local reported that as he matured into a ‘new person,’ he would ride about at night with a pal, blasting a BB pistol at random passerby. He is also accused of egging people’s automobiles. He is claimed to have struggled to maintain friendships, sometimes ‘going too far’ with ‘strange’ statements.

One buddy who wanted to join the Marines said he stopped communicating with Ramos after the shooter informed him he just wanted to join the service ‘to kill people.’

Wendy Ramos’ coworkers said that Ramos had a “hostile attitude” and would send unwanted texts to female colleagues. They also labeled him as “silent” and “anti-social.”

According to the same source, there are many films showing Ramos attacking individuals with boxing gloves in a local park.

Ramos’ social media was flooded with photographs of his new weaponry, which he purchased on his 18th birthday, according to state lawmaker Roland Gutierrez.

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